​​Late Phase Studies (in China)

​ShujuMetrics is experienced in various late-phase studies including:

  • Phase IV Clinical Trials
  • Outcome Studies,
  • Observational Studies,
  • Registries
  • Post-Marketing Studies

With offices in over two dozen cities in China, and drawing from the world’s largest country population, ShujuMetrics has conducted many clinical trials which recruited more than 2,000 subjects, and patients in therapeutic areas including renal transplantation, advanced renal cancer, advanced NSCLC, and Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). Our largest study to date recruited two-hundred thousand (200,000) type-2 Diabetics Mellitus patients per year for three years for a total of six-hundred thousand (600,000) patients!.  Currently, we are recruiting 80,000 ACS patients for an American Heart Association Study. It is not just the number of patients that is extraordinary compared to most late-phase trials run in other parts of the world, it is the speed at which ShujuMetrics is able to recruit patients that is unprecedented.