Late-phase Studies (in China)

“As the world's next great market for patented drugs, companies who might have hesitated before now see that China is moving past its phase as a supply market for ingredients and generic finished drugs, and on to a new phase as the world's second-largest Life Sciences and Healthcare market within this decade” By 2016 it is projected that the pharmaceutical market in China will top that of Japan and therefore will become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world (The next phase: Opportunities in China’s pharmaceuticals market - ©2011 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd).

The Chinese Pharmaceutical market is currently the second greatest pharma market globally, after the US and in 2014 was worth $105 billion. It is forecast to increase dramatically to $200 billion by 2020 and increase its dominance as a leading player in Asia. (Pharmaceutical-Industry-in-China-2015-2020. - July, 2015 Kelly Scientific Publications)

Through our affiliate organization in China, H&J CRO International, no other CRO has designed recruited and implemented late-phase studies in China with the speed and magnitude as ShujuMetrics. With local offices and dedicated monitors, project managers, and site coordinators in more than 18 of the largest cities in China and relationships with local IRBs and hundreds of government-run hospitals, ShujuMetrics has the infrastructure, expertise, and technology to help your company implement a market strategy that will quickly build your brand and establish a strong market position while continuing to monitor your new drug’s long-term effects and manage related safety data and other regulatory information.