Our belief that current pharmaceutical delivery and management is on a global platform. Pharmaceutical developments can no longer be confined to local delivery, the trend is to go global. Our core values are expertise, quality, compliance and teamwork. 

     G2 is a dedicated and specialized contract drug safety and pharmacovigilance organization that offers the complete range of high-               quality and competent related services for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and healthcare companies. 

     G2 has a broad range of services for the active management of drug safety, risk management and patient health during the entire               lifecycle of a product from first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial through the conclusion of the marketing period of a product. 

     G2 offers professional and reliable services, tailored to suit your individual needs. We offer in-depth consultations to understand                    your goals and current situation, and craft a short, mid- or long term solution that is right for you.