Phase I Studies (USA)

ShujuMetrics provides full-service, Phase I Study support in the US for pharma and biotechnology companies. We have over 25 years of senior management level experience in the area of early-phase clinical trials. We provide our clients with clinical pharmacology, scientific and clinical expertise, practical advice, sound, effective, protocol design, quality data and analysis, with safety and compliance always our highest concern. With our network of phase I clinic partners, we are able to rapidly recruit healthy volunteers, special populations, or disease specific patients, depending on your needs and the protocol design of your trial. ShujuMetrics experience data management and biostatistics team add value by utilizing our Oracle Clinical RDC license and CDASH library of eCRFs and by helping your company define, develop and build early-phase trials that are ready to go live within a few weeks at a cost that is 30% less than that of other CROs.